By The Beauty Hub  |  October 18th, 2011  |  Beauty Articles,News

Hand creams have been creeping up in popularity on the beauty scene for decades. Today’s creams are designed for various skin types and to treat any number of problems from eczema to average dry skin. Skin care innovations have lead hand creams to the top of the must-have list for all beauty savvy women.

The original and main reason that so many women choose to use lotions as part of their skin care routine is for the moisture. As we age, skin naturally loses moisture. The result can be dry, rough skin that is itchy and unattractive. People who work with their hands or work in a position that requires them to constantly wash their hands will also discover that their skin begins to chafe and look less appealing.

Hand creams can be used to restore moisture and elasticity in the skin. There are many different types of moisturizing ingredients. The most popular ones used today are shea butter and goat milk. Both of these ingredients have high moisturizing properties for the skin. More importantly, they are manufactured to seep deep into the skins cells to help keep it moisturized for hours instead of just rinsing off the first time a person washes their hands. The vitamin rich nature of these ingredients allows it to improve the texture of your skin with continual use. Anti-aging hand creams that are fortified with retinol and collagen are also increasingly popular. These ingredients are designed to restore skins elasticity and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles from aging. Whether or not these skincare products work is debatable. Some people believe that they do and many magazines have recommended high end hand creams to their readers, however research has shown that they offer minimal improvements.

In order for any hand cream to be effective you have to change what you are doing, not just apply skincare products. This means regular exfoliation of the hands. Taking a daily skin vitamin will also help rejuvenate your hands and help the skincare products you choose be more effective. If you have severe skin problems and are unsure which skincare products to choose then it is best to meet with a dermatologist and discuss your options. Dermatologists are trained professionals who can help identify different skin types and the best course of action for treating your problem. Some disorders such as dermatitis and eczema are best treated with a special hand cream that offers the right balance of nourishing ingredients without the harsh chemicals. A dermatologist can also tell you which types of hand creams to avoid, such as those with excessive fragrances that irritate the skin.