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The natural keratin treatment is a revolutionary process that softens, enhance hair’s gleam, restores and renovates the brittleness, dryness, and dullness caused from excessive blow-dry and harsh chemicals applied from inferior cosmetics that would dislodge the protective cells. The natural Keratin infusion system is formulated with the best cosmetology ingredients worldwide: hydrolyzed keratin, vitamins, collagen… allowing even children (older than 6years) to experience this procedure. The keratin treatment is an innovative process that provides instant results in smoothing, replenishing, reconditioning, and transforming the hair in its entirety while enhancing its natural shine.

The natural keratin infusion system on the other hand is formaldehyde free, which allows the exact balanced reactions and patented polymerization processes to completely polymerize exactly what is needed for sealing the hair shaft without release of excess gasses to the air. No effluents affect the operator or the clients.

Braziliss™ Replenishing Express System:

This hair conditioning system infuses and seals the keratin deep into the hair cuticles which revitalizes it into its original youthful appearance, leaving the hair soft, shiny, and noticeably frizz free while providing an immediate straightening outcome on all hair types and forming a silky moisturizing layer which nurtures, treats and protects each hair strand. This revolutionary formula allows professionals to wash the hair directly the next day, there is no need to wait for 72 hours in order to receive the result.

Please feel free to check the DVD application through our online YouTube Channel:

Approved by the UAE Ministry of Health


  • Omaima

    I want to know the price of nano technology

    • The Beauty Hub

      Hi Omaima we are not sure what nano technology you are referring to however if you want more information about this natural keratin products you can contact Cosmedical Solutions via the link provided

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