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Beauty sleep is not a myth. Since 2010, it has been proven scientifically that sleep is anti-ageing. Dr John Axelsson’s research in the British Medical Journal showed that observers were more likely to rank people as attractive if they had slept well.

Adults are advised to have at least eight hours sleep every night, but modern lifestyles makes this hard to achieve. In the UK, 22% of people suffer from insomnia. This is substantially higher than in other parts of Europe and the USA.

Thankfully, relief may be found through six unique compositions comprising the Orange Grove Siesta. These are all created in the relaxing idiom of famous composer John B. Levine, providing help for insomnia that is especially popular with women, when an overly busy mind prevents sleep.

Michelle, a school community service worker, met Alphamusic composer, John Levine at one of his workshops. After enjoying his concert and Alphamusic presentation, she eventually acquired three of John’s CD titles having read a lot about his creative output on his website.

Although a bit sceptical, she decided to give John Levine’s Alphamusic a try. Michelle had had sleeping problems for a long time and was unable to rest properly during the nights. She blames her sleeping difficulties on family problems. Her mother having a severe breathing setback, although coping well, suffers panic attacks. Knowing that her breathing will not improve and might even deteriorate spreads fear amongst Michelle’s family. Having heard and read so much on the web regarding the good John’s Alphamusic is doing for people around the world, Michelle decided to try it out one night. …

She wasn’t disappointed. “I have slept very well ever since using the Orange Grove Siesta. I play it just before bed time and as I drift off. This music really calms me down. In the past I have tried radio or other music to calm myself and help me get off to sleep but these have had the effect of filling up my brain instead of calming it” admits Michelle.

John Levine is both composer and pianist for his recordings. His accompanying musicians extemporize throughout the piece according to Levine’s Alphamusic principles and compositional guidelines, creating variance in timbre and phrases, enhancing the overall artistic music expression. The compositions are enriched by a variety of balanced and well-matched instruments.

John is classically trained with a Bachelor of Composition from Sydney University, and performs using a Steinway concert grand piano in an orchestral recording studio in Krakow Poland. His Alphamusic is based on his knowledge of the centuries-old European and Asian scales some of which are the Pentatonic and Lydian scales, but not only. Musical tension builds and ebbs slowly with no rush or rough discords. The “spherical” sounds have been known to bring listeners to an alpha state within 4 minutes.

The Orange Grove Siesta CD by John Levine Retails at £14.99 and is available from, on, or on 020 3239 8108.

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