By Lorraine Hitchen  |  December 12th, 2011  |  Dental,Reviews

Having watched Kandee Johnson’s You Tube video on how to get really white teeth, I went out and bought Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel and tried it at home.

Before trying this product you will need to buy a set of retainers/bleaching trays to protect your gums once you have applied the whitening gel. You can buy them at a dentist who will take impressions of your teeth that are an exact fit, or you can buy ‘Moldable Bleaching Trays’ for around AED40 from Amazon.

The product box has application directions and it says that you can apply the gel with an earbud, your toothbrush or directly into the retainer. I prefer rubbing it on my teeth with my finger, getting into the crevices of the teeth. Once I have applied to the top and bottom teeth, I fit my retainer and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse my mouth out with water and brush my teeth as normal.

After using it once a day for one week I have definitely seen my teeth go a couple of shades lighter. I was really nervous the first time I used this as I have very sensitive teeth, but I felt no pain or sensitivity at all.  If you do feel any pain or sensitivity discontinue use.

Plus White 5 Minute Bleach Whitening Gel can be purchased at most Pharmacies in the United Arab Emirates and it retails for around AED40.