By The Beauty Hub  |  December 18th, 2011  |  International Beauty News,News

It is no secret that lots of celebrities, and anyone who can afford it, forsakes laughter lines and any facial expressions that time has graced them with in favour of the facial freezer Botox. In their quest for eternal youth, both men and women are prepared to go to some incredible lengths to banish the wrinkles that come with age. But they no longer have to. Pioneering beauty house Rejuvenated launches Collagen Shots, a unique 100% marine collagen drink that gives Brits the chance to enjoy a younger firmer skin naturally.

Described as the ultimate anti-ageing drink, Collagen Shots is an entirely natural new product that contains 100% pure high potency marine collagen and promises to revolutionise beauty across the UK by offering a unique anti-ageing solution from the inside out.

Collagen Shots is the brainchild of Rejuvenated founder Kathryn Danzey. A very alluring woman, she doesn’t mind admitting she is 54 – and I can see why. There is no unnatural frozen look or raised eyebrow on her face. Her skin simply looks amazing and you would be forgiven for thinking she is ten years younger. The well-established beauty house, which already provides over 600 beauty salons across the UK with training and their own brand range of high performing products and equipment, was determined to help their clients offer their customers a healthy alternative to Botox.

But what is Collagen exactly, and why would anyone want to drink it? Whilst collagen drinks have been part of Asian womens routines for many years, this is a relatively new concept in Europe. The Japanese swear by it and their skin says it all, but could all those wrinkle free faces just be down to diet?

We turned to celebrity nutritionist and author Jeannette Jackson for an answer.

“Our skin is made of collagen, ” explained Jeannette. “By the age of 45, collagen levels can have fallen by as much as 30% which is when skin start sagging, because it’s getting thinner, weaker and generally less resilient. This deterioration is directly linked to specific amino acids within the skin’s structure, like alanine, glycine, hydroproline, and proline – which decrease with age, and bad diet.”

Rejuvenated founder Kathryn Danzey said: “Collagen Shots is a truly unique drink for the UK. Although collagen has been used in cosmetics for quite some time, orally taken collagen is far more potent!”

“The fruit of 4 years of research and development, Collagen Shots combines powerful ingredients including 100% ethically sourced natural marine collagen found in fish and acai berry superfood that works synergistically to help reduce premature facial and body ageing.”

“Here is why Collagen Shots work. The natural source of collagen type I which is found in everyone’s skin is a protein which plays a crucial role in maintaining even skin tone, suppleness and elasticity. It supports Collagen synthesis and skin hydration to slow the visible signs of aging but after the age of 25, collagen synthesis typically reduces at a rate of 1.5% a year – which is where Collagen Shots come in.”

“We are very excited to be able to offer both men and women across the UK this revolutionary bio active product that can actually help them reduce wrinkles, improve skin’s elasticity though-out the body and achieve a radiant complexion without resorting to Botox or wasting money on lotions and potions that are simply too superficial to deliver the same results!” Kathryn enthused.

Collagen Shots are rolling out to selected salons across the UK. For more information, please contact Kathryn at 07990512470