By Keary Shandler  |  October 7th, 2012  |  Fragrances,Reviews

Although not a big fan of the traditional Tresor fragrance, I was attracted to the lovely, deep, rich purple bottle that Midnight Rose stands in. I always think that the shape, structure and colour of a perfume bottle is important since it’s going to have a privileged place on my dresser.

I decided to try the scent over the course of a week just to check that everything I initially recognised, consistently held true. The first impressions for me are definitely of ripened summer fruits like cherries and blackberries. The inclusion of the woody aromas are also definitely there giving it depth and sensuality. Being French, I guess the romantic suggestion is totally appropriate and authentic.

It finishes with what I would describe as a sweet – almost syrupy – floral scent which is dominated by rose.

Perfume is such a personal taste and it depends greatly on how it makes you feel. This one is not for me because I just can’t get past the sweetness but if was fun trying something new and observing the reactions from those closest to me.