By The Beauty Hub  |  October 9th, 2013  |  Company News,News

Parfums de Marly is proud to reveal the Godolphin Coffret, sold in a luxurious velvet-lined box, and contains a Godolphin fragrance and a golden Tolla.

The Godolphin fragrance is inspired by the iconic Arabic stallion, Godolphin, the royal ancestor of today’s pedigree horse racing champions. As a Parfums de Marly creation, the fragrance carries with it the rich history of equestrian royalty as well as the free spirit and power of the Godolphin Arabian, the most powerful and elegant horse breed of the 18th century.

This distinguished scent is composed of complex and deep aromas which are artfully blended together to create a uniquely sophisticated and masculine experience.

Opening with fresh notes of thyme, spicy saffron and cypress, the fragrance is anchored by rose, orris and jasmine and finishes off with heady woody notes of white cedar wood, vetiver\leather, musk, amber and vanilla. The scent exudes a potent magnetism, yet remains refined and luminous in its composition.

As for the Tolla, it will be available in a beautiful, gold container similar to a scroll holder the great kings used to pass on messages to different lands. Filled with oil of Godolphin essence and pure Soufi Oudh, this refined object will surely surprise you with its originality and scent.

Released as a limited edition, Godolphin Coffret is available in all main perfumeries in the region and will make the ideal Eid gift!