By The Beauty Hub  |  October 27th, 2013  |  Company News,News

Nouveau Lashes has developed Ultrabond Strip, a new and superior lash adhesive that has amazing bonding strength as well as being latex free, heat and humidity resistant and suitable for use on natural and synthetic strip lashes.

Director of Nouveau Lashes Bridgette Softley, explains why she felt it important to develop this new adhesive, “after years of listening to our customers about what they wanted from a strip lash adhesive, we set to work on developing an adhesive that offered superior bonding that even works on skin during physical activity and in hot climates, yet is gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate the eyes”.

After conducting their own trails, Nouveau Lashes were so confident that Ultrabond Strip delivered market-leading performance, they asked Aspen Clinical Research, to conduct independent clinical trials. The product was tested on 100 experienced strip lashes `users. The following results were reported:

  • 96% felt the adhesive was not irritating
  • 80% felt the lashes stayed in place longer than their usual brand
  • 85% reported that the lashes stayed in place during swimming
  • 83% reported that the lashes stayed in place during exercise
  • 62% reported their lashes did not lift in the corners

Softley said of the results “myself and the Nouveau Lashes educators are over the moon with the trial results. Our objective was to create the best strip lashes adhesive available which has been achieved and I can not wait to put this product on the market. No more irritating eyes and lifted strip lashes. If applied correctly, consumers can go about their regular activities without a care, fluttering their lashes safe in the knowledge they will not end up stuck in their hair or on their cheek, because Ultrabond Strip will keep them securely in place”.

Nouveau Lashes Ultrabond Strip will be available online at Noveau Lashes from the 1st November 2013.