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We are loving the tutorials from Bourjois where they mix fashion and beauty creating style features keeping with the theme of their makeup and beauty collections.

Urban Chic

A pure dose of urban chic with 4 lash fringes for a natural look. The ideal range for everyday wear!

Easy False Lashes: mini fringes for easy, modular volume. Place them separately on the outer corner of the eye and presto – you’ve got magnificent cat’s eyes. Place them next to one another and give new meaning to the word “volume”!

Easy to Wear Volume: half-fringes, for very natural volume. Place them on the outer corner of the eye for a very natural cat’s eye result that blends naturally with your own lashes.

Natural Volume: light volume and definition with a fringe of ultra-soft fibres. Its clear band creates a surprisingly natural effect.

More Volume: here’s to volume! With an astonishing yet natural result, it’s the dream fringe for intense daily volume. Me, cheat? Never!

Bourjois tutorial 1 a

Rock it Baby

4 highly sophisticated references for an outrageous rock’n’glam look.

Rock Chic: an avant-garde fringe that creates daring, intense eyes with thick, separated and structured lashes for a very rock’n roll style!

Volume Glam: a double fringe for XXL volume! With two layered fringes, you’ve never seen lashes with such boosted volume!

Paint it Blue: a fringe that teams navy blue false lashes with an intense black liner-effect band. A daring little touch for rock and chic eyes.

Dip-Dye: a graphic fringe with subtle tints of blue for a bold, fashion-forward make-up result.

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Chic Mademoiselle

Subtle false lashes that dress the eyes in ultra-modern elegance.

Lady in Black: a mini fringe adorned with discreet black crystals. Placed on the corner of the eye, it creates a delicately sparkling cat’s eye.

Smoky Eyes: the “must have” fringe of the Faux & Fabulous collection! Apply for an instant smoky eye result with a liner effect! Eyes immediately look deeper with finely intertwined ultra-black lashes.

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Miss Couture

Haute couture false lashes by Bourjois. Sophisticated and ultra-refined, they add a couture touch to make-up.

Sparkle & Glam: genuine fashion jewellery, these delicate and intricate false lashes are enhanced with a fine silver band for a high-fashion sparkling liner.

Bourjois Tutorial 4 a