By The Beauty Hub  |  November 25th, 2013  |  Brands,News

Guerlain has been celebrating the art of fine candle making for many years. For the launch of their latest creation, Forêt de Sumatra, the name of each candle is an intrinsic element of this invitation to indulge in fantasies of escape and the rekindling of forgotten senses.

Whether a voyage to a special place, a remote destination or a particular atmosphere, the candles presage a journey whose path is infused with exquisite scents, leading the way to fantasy and possibility. The scented breath of each candle, the wax and flame, are infused with the highest quality craftsmanship. An exercise in olfactory style, always fitting, always original.

The Collection – Forêt de Sumatra

An imaginary voyage to the heart of the Indonesian rainforest, with hints of luxuriant and unspoiled nature in its myriad enchanting facets. Moss green top notes are harnessed by a sultry accord of floral notes (jasmine, ylang ylang), and smoked tea, tinged with vanilla, benzoin, tonka bean and patchouli to create an earthy and voluptuous perfume that combines a zesty scent with a lingering trail of rich, damp forest.

Indian Woods – woody and spicy

A sacred offering, a sense of peace. The gentle warmth of sandalwood heightened with accents of dried peel and exotic spices.

Venitian Boudoir – floral and powdery 

The intimacy of a quiet alcove, the feminine spell of the Serenissima. The velvety soft scent of rice powder mingled with rose and raspberry.

Tahitian Tales – floral and sunny

An island in bloom, a luxurious getaway, a beautiful dream. Impressions of warm sand intermingled with the enveloping languor of ylang ylang and frangipani.

Russian Winter – woody oriental

The splendours of Imperial Russia, a return to a mythical and luxuriant past. Persistent smokey notes of incense, myrrh and hot tea.

Parisian Potpourri – aromatic oriental

An exquisite ode to the Paris of lovers, the Paris of enchantment and romance. Notes of orange, cinnamon, sandalwood and patchouli add a hint of nostalgia.

The Forêt de Sumatra Collection is available at Guerlain counters in the UAE.