By Jazz Pollard  |  November 20th, 2013  |  Beauty Articles,News

Winter is here and so are the issues of dry lips. This is the time you need to take extra care.   There are many lip care products which prevent dryness and chapped lips. Some of the natural home remedies and lip products are discussed below. These will help to keep your lips soft and beautiful.

Take Care of Lips Naturally:

  • Applying lemon juice to your lips helps clean them and removes dirt and dead cells. It also makes them look fairer. Take the juice of a lemon and rub it on your lips for five minutes. Use warm water to wash the juice off. You’ll be left with clean and clear lips.
  • Using rose petals is effective to get fresh, nourished lips. Petals consist of vitamins, moisture and minerals which give you healthy lips. An added advantage of using petals includes a naturally redder and rosy pout. This can also be added to milk or cream to get a naturally softer pout.
  • Applying honey moisturises your pout as the enzymes present in them helps absorption of moisture. Cover your lips with honey daily for about 15 minutes. Repeat this process to prevent the lips from getting chapped and dry.
  • Aloe Vera is also a safe and effective method to take care of your pout. Apply the gel for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

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Protect Lips From Hot And Cold Weather

Use moisturising creams and lip balms to protect your lips from the sun. Lip plumpers prevents your lips from getting dark, dry and plump them. Unlike our normal skin, our lips do not have protection due to the absence of natural oil glands. Hence, proper lip care is essential. Irrespective of cold or hot weather, people might have a dry, cracked or chapped pout. Cover your pout with a scarf and use lip products to lock in moisture to retain its smoothness.

Deep Clean Your Lips Once A Week

Deep cleansing your lips is required to get rid of dirt. Exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin cells and pollutants. Use a scrub free from chemicals. You can use natural items or fruit extracts to clean your pout. This helps to get rid of impurities thereby improving the tone. Use a toothbrush and sugar scrub to clean your lips. Although this method is not as effective as scrubs it is much cheaper. Remember the golden rule exfoliate your lips once a week to get clear, beautiful lips.

Moisturise Lips

  • Moisture gets ripped away during the winter months. The cold winds can irritate your pout and make it dry. It is essential to apply moisturiser twice a day. You can find a good moisturiser by checking its ingredients. Ensure that they contain vitamin E extracts and natural oils; this will keep your lips moist.
  • Petroleum jelly also helps prevent dry lips. You need to take extra care of your lips to prevent it from higher and lower temperatures.

Massage Your Lips

Massaging your pout boosts blood flow and makes your lips red and sexy. You can also take ice cubes and rub it slowly on your pout. This increases blood supply and gives you a rosy pout.

Eat Lip-Friendly Foods

Vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods contain minerals and vitamins to nourish your pout. Avoid eating too salty and spicy foods as this could cause damage and inflammation to your pout. Always drink plenty of water to retain hydration in your body. Water is healthy to give you soft pout.

Improve Your Habits

  • Smokers often develop dark lips. The tobacco and nicotine which are present in cigarettes damage the pout and make them appear darker.
  • Avoid lip licking as saliva makes the lips dry.
  • Stop biting your pout; this can crack them quickly.
  • Remove lip makeup before going to bed.
  • Use a lip moisturiser after exfoliation.

Use Good Lip Products

Use good quality lip moisturiser, lipsticks and scrubs. Ensure these products are free from harmful chemicals. Use lip products that contain natural extracts.

We have gone through the natural home remedies and ways to take care of your lips. By following these methods you’ll prevent lips from getting cracked. If you prefer using a lip plumper to get plump, fuller lips; ensure to check its ingredients. Read the reviews on the best lip plumpers to know more about there features.