By The Beauty Hub  |  December 5th, 2013  |  Company News,News

Born of the Guerlain formulators’ exceptional know-how, the Eye & Lip Cream achieves the feat of combining extreme performance with a feather-light touch that makes it extremely easy to apply.

The Eye and Lip Cream targets the common origin of ageing of the fine and fragile eye and lip contour areas.  With fewer lipids, yet rich in active ingredients, the fragrance-free Eye & Lip Cream has been designed in every way to optimise and protect these sensitive areas.

The fragile nature of the eye and lip contour area demands melt-away application that excludes any rubbing. The presence of an ultra-fine oil creates an evanescent feel that glides over the skin and instantly melts under the fingertip. A labile gelling agent gives the texture both hold and suppleness.

Both substantial and humectant, like a complex surface mesh, it ensures the product’s hold and creates a perfect micro-climate by limiting water evaporation from the skin. A minimal oily phase with a reservoir effect prevents any excess lipids while guaranteeing optimal nutrition.

The youthfulness of the eyes and smile is not only affected by sagging and wrinkles, but by puffiness and dark circles that betray tiredness, dark shadows and spots that dull the skin’s glow, and fine lines that mark the lips and the surrounding area.

For Orchidée Impériale, Guerlain has not only identified exceptional existing active ingredients, but has meticulously measured and blended them in extremely precise proportions to give optimal synergy of action.

The Five Star Ingredients For a Youthful Gaze and Smile

  • Blakcberry Leaf Extract slows down the MMPs – the enzymes that destroy structural proteins to improve collagen density;
  • Centella Asiatica is renowned for boosting collagen synthesis and thus helping to smooth crow’s feet and vertical lines around the mouth;
  • Yeast Extract reinforces the capillary network to help to bring renewed radiance;
  • Rusogenin promotes the micro circulation and tissue de-congestion to reduce the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and areas of shadow;
  • Liquorice Root Extract helps to regulate pigmentation phenomena to diminish dark spots and leave the skin translucent and luminous.