By The Beauty Hub  |  December 2nd, 2013  |  Company News,News

Turn up the voltage with a world-first beauty innovation from DreamWeave & Co called Lip Voltage which is a non-injectable peptide treatment.

Ladies can now control how much plump they want in their pout by literally ‘mixing up’ the voltage of this duo product treatment plumper. Wearers simply add a lip plumper infused with HotFluxTM to the peptide treatment, mixing the formula together to achieve their desired ‘voltage’.

HotFluxTM is a chemical formulation (Vanillyl Butyl Ether) that induces an enduring, gentle warming and enhanced micro-circulation to enhance and plump the lips. The resulting effect increases the blood flow, mimicking the effects of chilli and pepper, without irritating the skin.

Applied and massaged into lips and above the cupids bow for more dramatic results, Lip Voltage absorbs quickly for a look that lasts for up to 24 hours. With continual use over time, the treatment builds collagen to create softer, fuller lips. The customisable lip treatment can provide low, medium and even high voltage, which turbo boosts the plumping effect in just a few drops!

Whether you want a plumped-up perfected pout, or simply natural, soft, beautiful lips, Lip Voltage lets you mix it up and plump it for the lips you’ve only ever dreamed of!

And at only AED90, this is one beauty must-have that should be at the top of every girl’s Christmas wish-list this year.

Available at Wrinkle Regime.