By The Beauty Hub  |  January 29th, 2014  |  Brands,News

Skin is constantly under attack by exposure to harmful and external factors such as solar UV radiation, harsh climatic conditions, free radicals and stress. To combat some of these elements, Opti-Cleanse Complex is an innovative cleansing water enhancing tablet that stabilises, harmonises, balances and controls, bringing your water into perfect equilibrium – a real first in active scientific beauty products.

Cleansing is vital to purify your skin and now you can optimise your water and ultimately your skin with the Opti-Cleanse Complex.

The effervescent, Opti-Cleanse Complex provides skincare product optimisation, improves the skin barrier function and ensures water is gentle, mild and safe for skin.

Two types of Opti-Cleanse Complex tablets are available. For your face, the Water Optimizing Tablets for Facial Cleansing (AED87) and for your body, the Water Optimizing Tablets for Bathing (AED101).

The science behind skincare brand optiphi lies in visible skin rejuvenation developed through Cellular OPTI-mization, a process known as Positive Homeostatic Influence or PHI. Homeostasis is at the heart of optiphi, helping your skin regain its natural balance and allowing cells to be revitalized.

Developed in South Africa by a team of biomedical experts, the phenomenal optiphi range contains a synergy of actives that promote homeostatic balance, address skin concerns and ensure a youthful appearance.

A full range of retail and professional optiphi products are now available at Kalm Holistic Beauty on The Palm, Glambox, Zanedo and Souq and various medical spas and salons across the UAE.

To find out more, visit optiphi.