By The Beauty Hub  |  January 23rd, 2014  |  Brands,News

In homage to contemporary city dwellers, Elie Saab confirms his endless creativity with L’Eau Couture. This new, deliciously addictive, soft, almondy floral fragrance perfectly matches a woman’s desires for something new.

In this new fragrance, light and dear to the designer, gives life to an unprecedented freshness. The freshness of those exquisite moments when the sun’s first rays penetrate the foliage. When, in the heart of the city, the greenery is lit up by a captivating prism like a taste of summer.

L’Eau Couture is the olfactory continuation of the designer’s Ready-to-Wear 2014 Spring-Summer collection, in which ethereal fabrics as light as petals, chisel a magical fusion between woman and nature. It captures the ecstasy of nature blossoming in an urban springtime setting.

For L’Eau Couture, Francis Kurkdjian dreamed up a brand new tribute to freshness, which he leads into sensuality characterised by absolute sophistication. L’Eau Couture reinterprets accords in a way never seen before.

“The idea to create a Couture “Eau” is quite uncommon in this register. It’s a sophisticated, sensual freshness, far removed from the conventions found in fragrances usually created in this repertoire.”

The fragrance kicks off with a citrus top note. A mix of fresh scents introduces the perfume’s extreme refinement. Calabrian Bergamot essence, derived from fruit carefully selected at the beginning of the harvest so its sumptuous floral facet can fully unfold, blends with magnolia. The flower’s fresh notes, marked by delicate scents of rose and lemon, prelude orange blossom, already emblematic in the Elie Saab Le Parfum collection.

The middle note features the absolute elegance of Elie Saab Couture creations. Here, orange blossom unveils an unexpected facet, inspired by the fleeting period when the newly-bloomed blossoms exude slightly almondy notes. As its traditional honey-like aromas are subdued, orange blossom inhabits the fragrance like a poetic whisper. Its subtly textured floral freshness, upheld by intricate transparency, is an echo of sun-kissed femininity.

In the base note, a fusional accord of crisp green almond unites the blossoms with the bed of vanilla at the perfume’s base. An irresistibly light vanilla infusion reveals the transparency of the floral notes, which it enshrouds in an addictive aura, creating a soft and luminous sillage.

L’Eau Couture lets us discover freshness like a promise of new emotions. It invites us to dive into new sensations born of the lightness associated with the newness of spring.