By Karima Ajani Nanji  |  January 26th, 2014  |  Beauty Articles,Blog,Editors Pick,Health & Wellbeing,News

Get back to health with alternative healing through the spine using a gentle, safe and relaxing self help method.

The Dorn method is a form of holistic or alternative therapy. It is a manual pure self help treatment used to correct misalignments in the spine. The method was developed in Germany over 30 years ago by Dieter Dorn and is becoming a widespread method used for treating back pain and other spinal disorders in Germany and other parts of the world.

It is also used for treating neck, shoulder and other joint pains including improving posture and promoting general well being. The Dorn method is a holistic self help method which is considered to be very effective and safe.

The method uses a moving action to correct any misalignments of joints or the spine; there is no manipulation or ‘cracking’. We start with the correction of uneven leg length which (according to Dorn) is apparent in almost all of us. The uneven leg length causes the pelvis to become twisted which in tern leads to crooked back. This is followed by gentle alignment of the spine through your body’s own moving action. As we are aware, the spine is one of the most important areas of the body and has a connection to all our organs and/or systems. This connection affects us both the physiologically and psychologically. The Dorn method treatment thus, aims at treating the various systems to achieve the total well being of our physical and mental health; thus bring you to overall Wellness.

PIDDDS: Personal Integrated Dynamics, Diet and Determination – circle of health. This is a holistic approach using the Dorn Method, related exercises especially developed for self help, blood group diet advice and determination. Developed by Jose Garbe, her extensive case studies and personal experience have given her the insight and experience to develop PIDDDS – circle of health.

Karima Ajani-Nanji, is a Canadian currently based in Dubai who got involved in the Dorn Method about 4 years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis. After seeing the remarkable results on her daughter, then on her nephew (who was physically challenged), on other family and friends, she decided that she wanted to focus on helping people who were in various types of pain and create more awareness of the Dorn Method and PIDDDS. She offers the Dorn method/PIDDDS and combines this with Altearab Cio Colour therapy to enhance the well-being even further. This self help treatment is available at Spadunya Colour Experience and The Third Eye Centre in Dubai.