By Harvey Nichols Dubai  |  January 14th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Yllume skincare, clinically proven to brighten, plump and even out skin tone and noticeably reduce hyper-pigmentation in only 28 days has launched exclusively at Beyond Beauty in Harvey Nichols Dubai.

This premium line has been has created to treat the skin in a completely holistic way nourishing from the inside out. The Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex range is a safe, hi-tech, brightening system free from hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice, mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances.

“I researched the most powerful safe and natural ingredients and spent years in research and development working closely with my formulator. I was determined to make a breakthrough safe product that I knew would change the cosmetic landscape, be in great demand, and one that produced measurable results,” says Hossay Momand, Founder of Yllume Laboratories.

Hossay had been mixing and creating her own skincare regime since her early 20s and quickly became an expert on new ingredients, research, and bio-chemical developments becoming available. After a decade of research and development, she has developed a cosmetic range that works from the inside and out delivering unique brightening results.

Yllume uses a world exclusive, patented proprietary complex of colourless carotenoids for both internal and external skin brightening. Yllume is the only skincare system to contain these carotenoids and able to address these issues via a unique approach, delivering unique lightening actives both topically and internally at a cellular level.

Yllume consists of five multi-tasking products: Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Cream, Mask, Cleanser, and Tonic Mist which perfectly complements the already established Yllume Ultimate Illuminating Complex Skin Supplement with PhytoflORAL.

Yllume is available from January 2014 exclusively at Beyond Beauty, Beauty Department, Level 1, Harvey Nichols Dubai.

  • Liz Clegg

    I found Yllume a total nightmare company to deal with. I ordered products directly online, which they failed to deliver in over a year. I requested a refund, which they agreed, but I have still not received it in over a year, despite repeated requests and them confirming that they would send it. I found them to be dishonest, incompetent, unreliable, and arrogant and insulting in their attitude to customers.