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Looking younger and feeling rejuvenated and revitalized are some of the reasons people seek skincare treatments. And there are plenty to choose from, starting with simple facials expanding to laser and botox injections.

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages, the treatments may be too expensive, you don’t have enough time or the treatment is too painful and uncomfortable.

These are some of the dilemmas that Nu Skin offers the answer to with its revolutionary Galvanic spa and facial gels. Why do we say revolutionary? Because with Nu Skin you can enjoy a rejuvenating and anti-ageing facial in the comfort of your own home and you can see the result after 10 minutes.

“I loved using the Facial Gels with ageLOC – I definitely felt a difference even after the first time. My face and neck felt smoother, softer and the texture more refined, and my skin appeared more vibrant and youthful. Several people remarked on how great I was looking and were impressed with how much younger I appeared than my age. I love knowing ageLOC is in the gels and want to continue using the gels with ageLOC.” says Linda from Canada.

AgeLOC is the main ingredient of the facial gels and it is what makes Nu Skin anti-ageing treatment different from the others. AgeLOC targets the visible signs of ageing at its source and transforms a tired and stressed complexion into skin that immediately feels refresh, hydrated and incredibly soft and clean.

Living in a desert area is very challenging for our skin and facial treatments are a must. The beauty of all this is that you can do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home, due to the a wonderful innovation of the Nu Skin scientist: the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa. This is a small device (the size of an epilator) that uses galvanic currents to improve the absorption of the gels into the skin. This way, the results are more visible and visible sooner, starting from 10 minutes after the treatment.

Now, there is the opportunity to try the facial treatment at a very special price: 3 treatments for only AED450. In order to see the best result, we recommend having the 3 treatments within 10-15 days.

For those that are interested in the anti-ageing benefits, Nu Skin developed a complete skin care range called ageLOC Elements, comprised of a Cleanser and Toner, Day Cream (SPF 22) and Night Cream, in addition to the facial gels treatment.


Nu Skin provides scientific evidence that the ingredients in ageLOC protect the skin from oxidative stress by reducing the expression of the free radicals associated with the Arnox enzyme. This may help slow down the signs of ageing that may be caused by accelerated free radical production.

To find out more about the science behind ageLOC follow the link: Ageloc Science.

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