By The Beauty Hub  |  February 16th, 2014  |  Brands,News

Forecast as one of the key colours for Spring-Summer 2014, blue dominates the colour palette for Bourjois new season’s collections.

In delicate monochromes or combined with whites and pinks, it conjures up a romantic atmosphere celebrated by the Impressionists in Paris of the Belle Epoque. Make-up is bolder and if Parisians adopt the fresh and sweet harmonies of the Belle Epoque, they tend to give it a “twist” for a more modern take!

For the nails, a manicure in graded blues become mirrors and seem to reflect the clear beauty of the spring sky.

This manicure in delicate graded colours is achieved through two new celestial coloured “So Laque Glossy” nail enamels and a new easy and smart nail art tool.

  • Ciel mon vernis no. O9 – in the current trend for off-whites, this pale sky blue is illuminated by fine white pearls.
  • Succès azuré no. 10 – an azure blue, the season’s must-have shade.

The “Dip Dye tool” kit graded nail art has finally found its perfect tool dedicated to shaded effect manicures. 12 mini sponges in triangular polygon shapes and perfectly fitting the size of the nails are ideal for mixing enamels precisely and cleanly, without smudging or overlapping. Pre-cut, they are designed in a micro-honeycomb material and provide a subtle, deep and very refined graded effect. This kit therefore makes 12 different manicures possible.

For the eyes, the eyelids are dressed in white, blue and green pastels, applied as watercolours and modernised by subtly diluted graphic effects. This contrasting and blending is made possible by the use of:

  • Two new little round pots, with its delicate, brightening and blending qualities recognised since 1863.
  • Two Eyeliner pencils in intense and vibrant shades,
  • One Artist’s tool, the professional double-ended applicator!

Blanc no. 90 – a pearly white represents the colour of the clouds and their reflections in the water. An off-white that is both translucent and shimmering through the presence of fine white pearls.

Blue Passe no. 17 – this aqua blue appears to be “pastelised” and offers all the qualities to become the favourite colour this spring! Between off-white and true blue, it combines colour and light while remaining easy to wear! The pearly extracts are delicate and iridescent for a wet and cool shimmer.

Two eyeliner pencils to intensify and structure the eyes! The Khôl & Contour Bleu Espiègle no. 85 in an intense blue is applied in the crease of the eyelid and gives relief and intensity to the entire eyelid. This depth offsets the vibrant bronzed green of Contour Clubbing Waterproof pencil Morning lime no. 53.

On the lips and cheeks, candour is the mood of the moment. The love of beautiful days has given everything a rosy hue with a touch of romanticism.

On the lips, Effet 3D lipgloss no. 59 Rose Allégoric, a new shade of pink, spiced up with peach, adds a luscious glossy effect.

On the cheeks, Little Round Pot blush no. 54 Rose Frisson, fresh and subtly iridescent, enhances cheeks for an innocent look, so becoming for spring make-up!

The Belle Epoque Spring Colour Collection is available at Bourjois Counters in the UAE.