By The Beauty Hub  |  February 26th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Influenced by Jennifer Lopez’s sought-after style, the fragrance vibrates with energy and femininity. JLove by Jennifer Lopez is a floral fruity citrus that evokes an exotic sensation, accentuating the vibrant sensuality in every woman.

The fragrance opens with a juicy white raspberry cocktail, while the heart blooms into soft, textured floral notes of coconut orchid luxurious and smooth, sheer vanilla sorbet dries down to create a luscious base bursting with a sensual sparkle.

The JLove by Jlo bottle is inspired by the fall 2013 Jennifer Lopez apparel collection. Sexy and full of life, the golden-peach juice pops in the square, glass bottle topped with an exotic leopard printed block cap. The carton’s textured fur background is stamped with a vibrant red-orange band and engraved with the silver JLove logo to mirror Jennifer’s elegant life and lavish wardrobe.

Available in most retail department stores in the UAE.

Price: AED225.