By The Beauty Hub  |  February 13th, 2014  |  Brands,News

Bid farewell to dryness as the new Kérastase Nutritive Irisome range ensures that dry hair is a thing of the past! Kérastase believes that hair deserves the same attention and sustenance that skin is showered with so L’Oreal have channelled the potency of the Iris flower to adapt to chaotic climate conditions.

Boasting a high level of polyphenols that act as “antioxidant hunters” and take action against a wide spectrum of free radicals, the Rhizome ideally protects hair, thus helping it regain its original structure. Finding an active substance in royal jelly containing 11 of the 18 amino acids present in Keratin when combined with the extract of Iris rhizome, the thirst of weakened fibres are quenched and ideal nourishment is provided.

Designed to be discovered in a salon first and subsequently followed at home, the new beauty ritual ensures that hair will maintain a superlative nutritional level for a long time to come.

Seven distinct products make up the range, carefully lending hair the nutrition it requires by pre-treating, bathing, treating and finally texturizing hair. Undoubtedly a cult range, Nutritive Irisome consists of the most powerful invigorating complexes ever created yet manages to stay true to its notable identity. Sublimely sensual, the range flaunts the same iconic and addictive fragrance that has shaped the special bond between women and Kérastase Nutritive for years now.