By The Beauty Hub  |  March 13th, 2014  |  International Beauty News,News

Are you ready to take in life to the fullest with adidas’ new limited edition duo fragrance and body care line inspired by the Brazilian colourful way of life?

As the athletes prepare themselves physically and mentally for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil competition, the choice of body care can be a meaningful part of the preparation. The new Get Ready duo and body care line celebrates the unique way Brazilians have of getting ready to celebrate their excitement and love of sports.

The men’s fragrance is a tropical fusion of fresh, juicy fruit contrasted with natural aromatics and sensual woods. Representing Brazilian colours, the top notes highlight green mandarin, yellow tropical pineapple and blue sea wave accord. The heart offers a naturally exotic combination of tropical fruit scent notes with aromatic notes of clary sage and fresh lavender. And in a dry-down inspired Brazil’s natural sensuality, vibrant cedar, intense sandalwood and virile patchouli join together as a seductive trio.

Women will enjoy a fragrance defined by a splash of colourful fruity notes enhanced with an exotic floral signature. A vibrant cocktail of aqueous juicy watermelon, succulent grenadine fizz and tingling Brazilian orange defines the top notes. The heart unfolds with a unique floral and fruity scent of elegant water lily and sweet sugar cane. The final dry-down of musk and cedar wood, embraced by a warm amber scent, creates a sensuous, lingering redolence.

Making the most of the vibrant, optimistic colours of Brazil, adidas’ Get Ready packaging radiates energy, fun and spontaneity. Curved graphic lines create a sense of movement and rhythm, which is echoed in gently rounded lids. The men’s packaging features bright yellow, vivid green and solar blue set against neutrals of black and grey. The women’s packaging takes a feminine, dynamic approach with a combination of hot pink, yellow, orange, bright green and purple that pops against a clean white background.

The Get Ready campaign embraces the spirit of Brazil and the carioca feel of the streets of Rio that lives in all Brazilian athletes and gives them that special edge. The sun awakens over Rio, the beat of Samba inspired music starts as we dive into the lives and rituals of Rio’s athletes.

Just as Brazil enfolds both world-class football players and rousing samba drums, adidas lends inspired athleticism with pure emotion by integrating performance with personal care in its Get Ready fragrances and body care range.

The men’s range includes:

  • After-shave – AED25.
  • Shower gel – AED13.5o
  • Body spray – AED14.
  • Eau de toilette – 45 AED
  • Antiperspirant roll-on – AED11.
  • Antiperspirant spray – AED13.

The women’s range includes:

  • Body spray – AED14.
  • Eau de toilette – AED38.50.
  • Antiperspirant roll-on – AED11.