By The Beauty Hub  |  March 16th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Thanks to this major new scientific discovery regarding hormone-deprived fibroblasts, and the addition of the new plant ingredient organic harungana extract with exceptional replenishing properties, this new skin care helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin of women aged 50+. This is why it remains their most effective replenishing, daily, beauty care.

In addition to this plant ingredient with exceptional replenishing properties that primarily targets the skin’s support mattress, Clarins Laboratories have incorporated two high-tech active ingredients. This combination of the best of plants and science compensates for a loss of density, at all skin levels.

Surface density
New generation line-filling pearls settle in the heart of the wrinkle where they progressively release their plumping and smoothing active ingredients. A dual surface action for instantly plumper, smoother skin.

Epidermal density
An anti-ageing tetrapeptide reactivates keratinocyte renewal, to encourage a densifying effect on the epidermis.

Dermal density
Exclusive organic harungana extract reactivates the hormone-deprived fibroblast and stimulates the production of collagen, to redensify the skin’s support mattress and correct deep wrinkles and slackening.

Beauty-enhancing mineral pigments interact with the light to instantly illuminate and unify the complexion and optically minimize fine lines.

A vitamin C derivative limits the production of melanin to help minimize the appearance of age spots and encourage a more even complexion.

Super Restorative Day Cream is available in three formulas.

All skin types
The luxurious skin care that meets the specific needs of skin weakened by hormonal changes linked to ageing. The skin immediately appears brighter and smoother. Day
after day it is replenished and visibly lift ed, leaving it looking incredibly radiant and

For very dry skin
The luxurious, nourishing skin care enriched with mango butter to meet the specific needs of very dry skin weakened by hormonal changes linked to ageing. Skin is deeply nourished and more supple.

All skin types SPF 20
The luxurious, protective skin care with SPF 20 sun filters which helps minimize the appearance of age spots by protecting skin against UV rays.