By Lorraine Hitchen  |  March 19th, 2014  |  Nails,Reviews

Freya’s Cats nail polish is an electric blue colour that contains a beautiful holographic shimmer that looks like glitter but does not actually contain it.

The nail polish is super easy to apply and gives you the desired look with two coats. To intensify the colour just apply an extra coat.  The holographic shimmer in the nail polish does not leave a rough texture on the nails, which you would normally associate with glitter polishes, so the end result is a smooth surface after application with a gorgeous shimmer.

What I really like about the piCture pOlish brand is that they collaborate with nail art bloggers in creating new shades to add to their collections.

Freya’s Cats was created in collaboration with Nihrida blog, so you can head down to her blog and read all about her inspiration for this shade.

This is a great night time shade, perfect for when you are dressed to kill and somewhere exciting to go. Freya’s Cats nail polish and all other shades of the piCture pOlish collection (which there are many) can be purchased at Bloomingdale’s Dubai.

Price:  AED65.