By The Beauty Hub  |  March 4th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Guerlain corrective foundation’s three shades are re-inventing the art of sculpting. The contours and hollows of the face are shaped and areas of shadow easily highlighted with a subtle, natural effect thanks to the soft and corrective sensory texture of their Corrective Foundation incorporating three different shades.

Also, to reinvent your complexion to perfection, Guerlain has created a new, unprecedented application technique with an amazing finish. Apply the medium shade or the three shades combined all over the face to even out and conceal. Then, sculpt the features with the darkest shade, concentrating on the contours of the face, underneath the jawline, and the hollow of the cheek, not forgetting to accentuate the wings of the nose.

Finally, in an ultimate light-catching step, use the edge of the sponge to apply the white shade to the curved areas of the face, the naso-labial fold, the arch of the brow, the top of the jawline and the cupid’s bow.

How to apply Blanc de Perle Bright & Sculpt Foundation:

  1. Apply the 3 shades all together to unify and correct the complexion.
  2. Sculpt the face contour with the more intense tone to create depth.
  3. Use the “ribbon of light” with natural nacre to ensure maximum radiance on the parts to be highlighted.

Accompanying the foundation is an extremely high-tech double-sided sponge developed in Japan, with smoothing, covering and correcting powers. In perfect affinity with the compact foundation’s texture, its rubber side provides flawless correction and coverage, while its velvety side wonderfully smoothes the complexion. Its edge transforms either into a formidable shadow trapper or an impressive contour sculptor. An expert and precious accessory to define the complexion to perfection.

Blanc de Perle Bright & Sculpt Foundation is available at Guerlain counters in the UAE.