By The Beauty Hub  |  March 5th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Arriving in fresh fuchsia red the limited edition Diamond Attraction Steampod flawlessly straightens and smooths your hair providing it with a diamond-like sparkle topped with multi-faceted shine.

Four technological innovations work together thereby enabling the distinct advantages that Diamond Attraction offers:

  • A water demineralization system for steam of unrivalled purity.
  • Five temperature settings (from 170 to 210°C) depending on the desired style and hair sensitivity.
  • An ultra-thin detachable comb to untangle hair prior to application.
  • High-tech anodized ceramic, adjustable plates for uniform pressure and perfect smoothing from the root to the ends.

Fashionable and effective, L’Oreal’s Diamond Attraction Steampod boasts a young and trendy new look, the precious coffret has been completely redesigned and inspired by stunning Parisian illustrations.

The Diamond Attraction Steampod comes with a golden heat resistant vanity case to safely place your Steampod after usage but also travel in style!

Available at L’Oreal stockists in the UAE.