By The Beauty Hub  |  March 25th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Parfums de Marly has recently unveiled their new range of exquisite scented candles which offer a delicate blend of fragrances that arrive in stylish black lacquered glass decorated with everlasting precious gold.

Using innovative technology called Air therapy; the candles release an ideal amount of clean water vapour that moisturises the environment in a correct and balanced way. The special blend of 20% aromatic essences release negative ions that catalyse dust particles in the air, thereby making the environment cleaner.

The five diverse flavours that make up the range are:

  • Woody Incense – this amber scent gives off a mysterious and powerful impression.
  • Smokey Vetyver – the warmth and opulence of a woody and intense aroma is increased by Vetyver and Balsamique.
  • Royal Musk – a sensual and light floral heart that is composed of rose, jasmine and iris and is enhanced by musk that perfumes your interiors with a pleasant scent.
  • Imperial Rose – a warm and soothing scent for a serene setting where everything is about well-being and harmony.
  • Oriental Cinnamon – a spicy fragrance with a resolute oriental touch.

Lending the touch of elegance that Parfums de Marly is known for, the handmade candles use a pure cedar and balsa wood wick which replicates the “cracking” sound effect heard in chimneys and fireplaces. Adorn your living space with the heady scent and elegance of Parfums de Marly’s stylish line of aromatic candles!