By The Beauty Hub  |  March 19th, 2014  |  Company News,News

The lipstick range Rouge by UNE, are eight red colours that gives style to the natural look. The lipsticks have a rich and moisturising texture that glides over lips providing them with a smooth look.

The lipstick range has 98.1 % natural origin ingredients, of which more than 44% are natural oils and waxes!

Natural Waxes
Bee’s wax and sunflower seed oil, this explains the rich and silky, emollient and protective texture, in perfect harmony with the delicate skin on the lips.

Shea Butter
A wonderful natural and incredibly rich ingredient that moisturises, protects and nourishes the lips, while providing relief.

Sweet Almond Oil
An oil rich in regenerating fatty acids. Ideal for maintaining the integrity and softness of the lips which are naturally lacking in sebaceous glands.

The Rouge range by UNE comes in 8 radiant and assertive colours: R02, R04, R05, R06, R07, R08, R10 and R12.

Three intense shades R07, R08, R12 are vibrant and well pigmented red lipsticks for 100% fashion forward trendy lips, day and night.

Three “lip” shades R04, R05, R06 are ideal to upgrade the natural colour of the lips and enhance the radiance and freshness of the face.

Two “skin” shades R02, R10 are to magnify naturally pale lips or play the “nude” card by opting for a lighter tone than the lip colour.

Rouge by UNE R04

A tomato red scent!
100% from natural origin, the tomato leaf fragrance of the Rouge by UNE range exhales green and naturally subtle fruity notes. Mandarin in the top note, tomato leaves in the middle note, cherry tomato and tarragon in the base note.

Available at UNE counters in the UAE.

Price: AED79.