By The Beauty Hub  |  March 20th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Super Aqua Serum presents the very latest complements to the serum with three creams derived from blue cosmetics, designed to be women’s 24/7 beauty companion, delivering age-defying hydration day and night.

Today, this technological feat is expanding to encompass not only three new day and night creams, but also an innovation that women have been waiting for – the first BB Cream offering instant and long-lasting hydration.

To relaunch the virtuous circle of youthful hydration 24/7, Guerlain has created Super Aqua Crème featuring:

  • Aquacomplex, the perfect day/night duo to complement Super Aqua Serum, tailor-made daytime protection.
  • Night-time revitalisation. Sheltered in their superb blue glass casing, the Day Cream or Gel and Night Balm alternate morning and night:
  • Comprehensive, tailor-made support for the skin.
  • Proven 12-hour age-defying hydration.
  • Excellent wrinkle-smoothing effects: at least 37% improvement during the day and 31% at night.

Daytime Blue to Protect
Skin lacking comfort will choose the luscious and gentle Day Cream, enriched in a shea extract with exceptional nourishing and multi-protective properties. Thanks to this cocoon that protects against everyday aggressors, it provides total hydration, dry to normal skin recovers suppleness and is plump, beautiful and full once more.

With the Day Gel, a fresh, lightweight gel-cream enriched in a multi-protective soothing white pine extract, normal and combination skin will beautifully face all everyday aggressors such as heat and pollution, without fearing mild redness. Intensely hydrated, it glows with luminous vitality and serene freshness. The complexion’s grey tone is replaced by a radiant glow.

Night-time Blue to Revitalise
At night, when the body is at rest, the skin activates its natural repair mechanisms. The Night Balm takes advantage of this nocturnal cellular activity to help the skin to replenish itself and recover from the damage caused by assaults and oxidative stress during the day. Enriched in a peach leaf extract with antioxidant and restorative properties, its rich and enveloping formula is the perfect complement to the day creams and continuously infuses the skin with an intense restorative effect. On awakening, signs of tiredness and stress seem to have faded away; the skin has recovered and looks visibly younger, ready to beautifully face the new day.

The Power of a Serum in Guerlain’s BB Cream

Guerlain presents the first BB Cream that proves what it claims: it instantly makes the skin more beautiful while taking care of it for 12 hours of age-defying hydration. Infused with Super Aqua Serum, its unique formula concentrates Aquacomplex cell purification technology for intense, instant and lasting hydration.

In addition to SPF 25 protection for daytime use, the formula incorporates a broad-spectrum shield, which offers the consumer sun protection against all UV rays.In an invisible alchemy, a light texture and natural shades merge with the skin to create the perfect blend in two intensities: “light” for fair to medium skin tones and “medium” for medium to dark skin tones. Intensely hydrated and protected, the skin immediately and lastingly recovers its natural perfection; the complexion is smooth and even, glowing with youth and beauty.