By The Beauty Hub  |  April 28th, 2014  |  Brands,News

While the skin may appear to be less delicate on the body than on the face, it requires just as much attention, and also has certain areas and specific characteristics to be taken into account.

It will tend to slacken over more extensive areas, while being subject to rubbing from clothing and confined heat, to the extent of sometimes being brutally exposed to harsh weather elements and UV rays.

The “Botanical Bouquet” formulated for Orchidée Impériale Body Cream is composed of a combination of four extracts developed by Guerlain Research to precisely meet these specific needs, reinforcing and supplementing Gold Orchid Technology’s age-defying regenerating action.

  • Verbena Extract helps to reinforce the structure and differentiation of the epidermis* to boost the efficacy of the skin’s barrier and help to smooth the surface and refine the skin texture;
  • Yeast Extract reinforces the micro-circulation to promote oxygenation of the skin and restore its vitality and radiance;
  • Rye Extract acts on the fibroblast contraction forces, a key mechanism that controls skin firmness;
  • Mallow Extract boosts the production of hyaluronic acid, a key element in hydration and inter-cellular connections. The effectiveness of the formula is thus reinforced and boosted in all of the key aspects essential for the body’s rejuvenation. Rehydrated and revitalised, the skin recovers its tone and firmness, with a smoother surface, glowing with beauty and life.

In a very pale pink shade with an elegant satin sheen, Orchidée Impériale Body Cream attracts the eye before enchanting all the senses. Taken up on the fingertips, its incredibly light yet voluptuous texture already holds within it the promise of softness, hydration and age-defying performance delivered by its active formula:

  • Rich yet light, it is silky and supple to the touch.
  • A real cosmetic caress that lasts a mere breath before vanishing in an instant.
  • It’s ideal glide encourages perfectly smooth application and optimal absorption for second-skin comfort.
  • Luscious and melt-away, it is enriched in humectants and hyaluronic acid to meet the moisture needs of drier, finer and more fragile skin.
  • Delicately velvety, it contains absorbent powders and leaves an invisible matte film on the surface of the skin that creates an even appearance and maintains its radiance.

More than a signature of perfection, the extreme sensory experience offered by Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale Body Cream makes each application an inexhaustible source of subtle and gently addictive sensations. From the moment of application, the whole body is replenished, as if immersed in a luxurious natural and soothing bath.