By The Beauty Hub  |  April 17th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Paese has just announced a range of four new products that includes Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins, Lipstick with Argan Oil, Matte foundation and Treats & Tricks.

Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins – AED64

The product Bamboo Powder with Silk Proteins is fully active and contains more than 90% silica. It helps absorb excess sebum and moisture. The antibacterial and calming properties helps to heal the skin and regulate the production process of sebum glands.

The balance use reflects light, and adding ‘soft focus’ which also reduce the effects of wrinkles and small skin defects. The bamboo powder is enriched with luxury Silk Powder which has moisturising properties too.

Lipstick with Argan Oil – AED39

This lipstick ensures strong coverage with intense colour as the formula is infused with Argan Oil and strong pigments to achieve a long-lasting effect.

Matte Foundation – AED92

The new formulated Matte Foundation is perfume-free and perfect for those who have oily and combination skin.  Applying this foundation will balance the tone of the skin leaving it matt and oil free, at the same time moisturising the rest of complexion.

The product is enriched with active components of Vitamine E, Hyaluronic acid, mattifying micro-sponges and Titanium oxide.

Treats & Tricks For Nails – AED42

This set of four treats are the solution to every issue related to nails whether they are brittle, fragile, dry, discoloured, have stains are thin or weak.

Vitamin Oil – contains almond and lemon oils as active components to target brittle, fragile nails and dry cuticles. The result will be well-groomed nails and cuticles.

Oxy Bright – contains active components like Vitamin C, calcium, algae extract and UV filters, to target nails with discolouration and stains. The result are bright, shiny and healthy nails.

Calcium Gel – this gel is a product with active components of calcium and Pro-vitamin B5. Fragile and thin nails are the primary target so the gel helps to strengthen.

Hard As Steel – the active components comprises of 2% formaldehyde, UV filter and diamond micro-powder. The regular applying not only creates a protective coat on nails but also makes them stronger and hard.

Paese Cosmetics are available at select malls in the UAE.