By The Beauty Hub  |  April 22nd, 2014  |  Brands,News

Rouge G Lipstick by Guerlain has an exceptional luscious formula that contains highly precious ingredients: ruby powder for radiant colour, ultra-moisturising wild mango butter, and Guggul resin and Tiger Grass known for boosting collagen synthesis.

The jewel case with white gold reflections was created by Olivier Echaudemaison and designed by Lorenz Bäumer, the talented Place Vendôme jeweller. A real object of desire with soft and feminine curves, it nestles in the palm of the hand like a mysterious talisman ready to apply your lipstick anytime, anywhere.

Guerlain Rouge G is available in five unique and sophisticated shades:

  • 15 Galiane – a nude beige to adorn the lips in a delicate veil.
  • 77 Géraldine – an enchanting and luminous pink for an on-trend make-up look.
  • 48 Geneva – a blood orange to reveal the radiance of a smile.
  • 16 Gaëtane – a deep brown to highlight the outline of the lips.
  • 78 Gladys – a vibrant fuchsia as precious as rubies for an incredibly refined look.

In their case, these jewel shades redefine the lips and coat them in intense colour. Radiant hues saturated with pigments.

Prolong this extraordinary experience with Guerlain Fall in Rose and two exceptional Rouge G’s collectors. The ultimate in luxury, two pop gems create lips with a twist for this season. Guerlain delights in playing with colour, from the bullet to the case, with the creation of mass-lacquered sheaths.

  • 864 Rose Grenat – a velvety red pink that coats the lips in a luminous, sophisticated shade that attracts every eye. The deep colour gives the lips a spectacular radiance.
  • 866 Rose Glacé – this nude pink lipstick offers everyday care for the lips, while the reflections of its fine mother-of-pearl particles enhance their beauty. Used as a base or on its own, the lips are soft and perfectly defined. Rose Glacé works it magic to ensure the lips are never bare.

Rouge G by Guerlain are available at Guerlain counters in the UAE.