By The Beauty Hub  |  May 26th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Armand Basi’s new feminine fragrance Rose Lumière, is directed at a woman in the prime of her youth, elegant and natural with a special charm.  She is authentic, tender, quiet and intimate and her beauty is accessible, friendly and empathetic.

Armand Basi Rose Lumière is a creation by the French perfumer Aliénor Massenet that is part of the Watery, Floral, Fruity olfactory family of fragrances.

Discreet and elegant, the fragrance adds a touch of light to the concept of femininity. It is an accessible fragrance, soft and light that contains the mysterious complexity of the feminine: sensuality, beauty and warmth.

In the top notes, the fragrance introduces a sublime watery blend of water fruits, stimulating and citric tangerine, and green ivy.

In the middle notes, the freshness of elegant water lily gives way to the sweet intoxication of rose water and soft femininity of wintery and magical cyclamen.

A velvety bottom note opens the fragrance to sensuality, thanks to intense and enveloping white musk which blends with warm cedar wood and intoxicating, ancient sandalwood.

Armand Basi Rose Lumière is available at department stores in the UAE.