By The Beauty Hub  |  May 11th, 2014  |  Brands,News

The Skin Nail Colours collection from UNE are four timeless, chic varnishes, all designed to contrast perfectly with any skin tone.

The four varnishes have been designed over a milky white and translucent base. It acts directly on the colour pigment by illuminating from within. The nude colour is therefore never dull but, to the contrary, is revealed in a beautiful light offering a pretty contrast.

  • UNE varnishes are composed of 75 to 78% natural origin ingredients. 3 in 1, they do not require a base. They are glossy right from the first layer.
  • No need for a top coat. Convenient for rapid nail make-up when you’re pressed for time.
  • Application maintains that “intuitive touch” spirit, characteristic of UNE products: the natural fibre brush is extra wide. It fans out and covers the whole nail in one single coat.
  • Practical and easy to use. The bottles all have a modular cap: wide or narrow, depending on your preference. Application is simple and easy to use.

UNE Skin Nail Colours collection compliments most looks with the following shades available:

C03. Vintage Pink

A nude very close to the aesthetic pastel of the 1950’s but in a more illuminating and contemporary version. This is the varnish for modern-day “baby dolls”. It works on pale or tanned skin by creating a pretty vintage contrast. Ideal for women looking for timeless and unforgettable beauty.

C04. Undressed Orangey-pink

In the same spirit of vintage nude, but this time in a chic lingerie version. Milky and contrasting, its faded coral colour is reminiscent of the flesh-coloured lingerie of the 1950’s. It dresses the hands in an undressed nude spirit. The collection’s “pin up” nude.

C11. Essential Beige Nude

“The” basic nude a must-have shade, the ultimate classic. In one coat, it covers nail colour and will dress the nail with its elegant nude. The hands seem to be dressed in one colour that completely blends with the skin tone. Ultra chic with any outfit, day or night. A timeless classic.

C16. Faded Brown

Another basic, tone-on-tone. The surprising classic. It offers an understated enhancing beauty on the nails. It is sophisticated yet discreet and will make the nail disappear but, by rebound, catch the eye. A refined and chic tone. The ideal nude for tanned, black or dark coloured skin.