By The Beauty Hub  |  May 21st, 2014  |  Brands,News

UNE has intensified the black of its two favourite products to take them to ultra black: the blacker the eyelashes and eye contours appear, the more gentle and profound the nude look.

The 3 in 1 mascara ultra black has kept all the qualities that are the strength and originality of UNE multi-benefit mascaras:

  • A 3 in 1 formula that lengthens and curls lashes and creates volume.
  • Its cigar-shaped brush works as a precision tool: a rounded tip, ideal for reworking volumes in usually inaccessible areas such as the outer corners. In some areas, the eyelashes are “lifted,” and the eyes enlarged.
  • In this “Ultra black” version, the formula contains deep black pigments. This “over pigmentation” brings boundless strength and explosive density to the eyes.

The Kohl Eyeliner Ultra Black – K01 has¬†saturated black pigments that recall the density of dark, black nights.¬†It’s result on the eyes? Black, sleek, ultra-contrasting.

With its formula rich in natural protective oils and ultra-gliding texture, application is easy, soft, comfortable and intensely black in one stroke.

With this very natural nude palette, charcoal black eyes are interpreted and enhanced for an incredibly intense look.

The 3 eyeshadows in this palette have been selected for their incredible ability to contrast with blacks. Its pigments are voluntarily “desaturated” and bleached to highlight the black pigments of the Kohl and 3 in 1 Mascara Ultra Black.

Emerging Pink
This pink, once applied, lightens up the eyebrow in a very naturalistic soft pink glow. It establishes the nude spirit of the make-up.

Mysterious Purple
Vaporous, ethereal, it creates an evanescent touch on the eyes, enhancing the mysterious effect of the blacks.

Shadow-capturing Brown
It adds immediate depth and volume to the emerging eyelids, making eyes appear enlarged. The colour remains very discreet and does not at any time compete with the black eye contour. The eyes are sculpted without being weighed down.

UNE products are available at department stores in the UAE.