By The Beauty Hub  |  June 22nd, 2014  |  Brands,News

For the launch of his new fragrance for men, Issey Miyake, in collaboration with visual artist and photographer Ryan Hopkinson, carries us into the heart of a mysterious night. Into the heart of an immoderate landscape where glimmering moonlight underscores the relief of a graphic, majestic nature.

An initiatory journey under the protective and kindly shadow of the moon, which serves as a guide for the man who walks alone, absorbing the force of the nocturnal elements to gather up new energy.

Sharp, crisp and mysterious, the fragrance is an ode to wood. An effervescence of rich ingredients, mingled with opulence and potency.

The top notes feature the bright, zesty bite of tangy citrus accords. Exquisite, elegantly masculine bergamot and tender grapefruit with sparkling vivaciousness.

In the middle notes, the fragrance follows a mysterious trail where a leather accord emerges, enhanced with spices and black pepper, and laden with wood and vetiver.

In the base notes, potency takes shape. The attraction of rich, textured accords – “black” woods, patchouli and incense – extends into the exquisite, smooth sweetness of tonka bean.

A classic of Issey Miyake men’s fragrances, the bottle is dressed in black to celebrate the night. Crafted to blend shadow and light, the glass changes from a smoky gradation to a streaked black, an abstract monochrome etched into the material itself. In the black hue of the glass we discover the moon’s reflection and its halo of light on the water’s surface. Resting elegantly atop the bottle, the opaque and deep black cap brings a matte effect.

According to Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong, the two perfumers, Nuit d’Issey was built on a leather backbone surrounded by woods and spices. Their composition was designed to convey the idea of “adding light to the night”.

The strength of woods and the potency of sensual, leathery notes underscore the intentionally very masculine character of Nuit d’Issey, a spicy, woody, leathery fragrance.

Available at select department stores in the UAE.