By The Beauty Hub  |  June 26th, 2014  |  Brands,News

This is an innovation for UNE which has developed a “serum bronzer” with strong moisturising potential for an instant rejuvenating effect.

Stunningly natural tan, plumped up skin, 4-hour hydration, SUN IDEAL sunny complexion youth serum is perfect for the summer season where hydration and radiance are key for a natural, sun kissed look.

100% natural hyaluronic acid gives the skin an immediate plumping and hydrating effect. And to strengthen the moisturising benefits of the formula, other ingredients have been added. A natural origin Aloe vera gel extract offers its moisturising potential and a fresh sensory feel, ideal for the summer!

With SUN IDEAL youth serum bronzer, the complexion is not only enhanced by a pretty tan. The skin also looks radiantly fresh, quenched by moisture and the sun!

UNE SUN IDEAL youth serum is an ideal bronzer for the summer, when lighter make-up is the byword. It’s gel texture produces a truly transparent make-up effect. It immediately beautifies the complexion, without concealing the skin. Colour is rebalanced by brown pigments. The finish is not orange but deliciously caramel-coloured.

Available in two shades:

  • S05 BLONDE for lighter tones.
  • S07 BRUNETTE for darker skins.

Price:  AED140.