By The Beauty Hub  |  July 17th, 2014  |  Company News,News

“SO Laque” is one of Bourjois’ most popular collections. Its vinyl finish gives an unexpected jolt to every colour.

The applicator brush is trimmed to measure for a high-precision manicure, so you can cover every contour and get every detail right, for a neat and clean finish.

For this collection, the lacquers have been designed for short nails, in nudes and bleached pastels that never go out of style. These colours are soft and minimalist. They are subtle and evocative!

The shades are discreet but contrasted and lacquered. Their delicate shades make an immediate impact. They give your hands a graceful, groomed appearance. Chic, feminine “SO Laque glossy” is a revelation for short nails. It’s so beautiful.

To test the chic, minimalist spirit of “SO Laque glossy”, Bourjois has put together a palette of 7 shades.

  • 03 Bcbeigé: An ultra-chic nude – back to basics!
  • 07 Coton sur ton: A pinkish white for nails that are better than perfect.
  • New 11 Indispen-sable: An ultra-chic muted beige that goes with your entire wardrobe.
  • New 12 Pina chocolada: a light brown for warm but restrained nails.
  • New 13 Tombée à pink: a vintage rose pink shade with antique charm.
  • New 14 Pamplerousse: a lightly bleached coral for a pop of colour.
  • New 15 Peace and mauve: a soft, fresh, and tender lilac.

Bourjois nail tattoos, nail art is pure and delicate. Each tattoo transfer is designed to resemble a piece of creative art.

Gracefully applied, they add a touch of modern romantic poetry to the fingertips. And faithful to the Bourjois spirit, they are quick and easy to apply, with a modular nail art result- go from simple to extreme!

These beautiful patterns draw their inspiration from their refinement. They are as delicate as if they were sketched on, with streamlined contours.

Bourjois nail tattoos make an impression without trying too hard. There’s no ostentation here: this is nude nail art, a beauty trend bringing elegance and charm to your fingertips.

With half-circles and small triangles, nail art cuticles help magnify the hand, through the nail contour.

The calligraphic kit evokes nature and the plant world. These tattoos form flowers, designed to move along with the shape of the fingers. A living, organic collection.

The graphic kit is conceptual, inspired by origami, full of post-modern beauty. Triangle patterns, captivating circles, monumental cubes, these shapes are guided by inspiration in attractive visual abstraction.

For easy application:

  • Apply 2 coats of So laque Glossy. Wait for it to dry.
  • Cut out the desired pattern, place it on the nail and use a damp cotton pad over the transfer. Hold for a few seconds then peel off.
  • Apply the So Perfect Top coat for a long hold result.
  • For extreme fashion continue the tattoo on finger too.

How easy is the tattoo application? Super quick and easy.
It’s as simple as applying a temporary tattoo to the skin. Just add a little water, and the tattoo transfers in a few seconds. To make it last longer, apply Bourjois’ “So Perfect” Top coat. It will make your nails beautiful, perfectly proportioned, and shiny. Sublime.