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With today’s fast moving teen culture and increasing pressure on teenagers to look and feel good, as well as achieve socially and academically within their peer group. It’s important that teen’s have as much confidence as possible – having great skin not only boosts their confidence – its also one less thing to worry about.

Eve Taylor (London) Limited have recently created a complete range of teen-only skincare, using its 50 years of expertise in creating professional use products that are also exported worldwide.

As a result Eve Taylor OBE was delighted to use her professional aromatherapy knowledge to help formulate a new product range just for teens.

Developed to combat problematic skin suffered by 85% of teenagers, Teen Skin Actives™ combines 50 years of skin expertise with the very best of botanical plant essences.

Consisting of eight products, Teen Skin Actives™ offers a no-fuss approach to normalize, control and correct young skin during its formative years into adulthood.

Leading skincare and aromatherapy expert Eve Taylor OBE, who developed the line for teen-skin actives says, “Harsh exfoliants and chemicals can often de-stabilise and create problems by removing more layers from the surface than necessary or in some cases causing pigmentation problems – particularly in ethnic skins with ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide.

Excess sebum production during early teens can develop into blackheads leading to stretched pores and scarring. Use of harsh chemicals and exfoliants increase sensitivity, which can send the skin into a ‘distressed’ state.

As a result – Teen Skin actives™:

  • Helps to normalize sebaceous secretions.
  • All products are non-drying with no alcohol and no parabens.
  • Products are anti-bacterial and calming.
  • Utilize natural ether oils obtained from Tea Tree, lavender and lemongrass to detox and cleanse the skin.
  • All products are unisex.
  • All packaging is contamination free and can be completely recycled.
  • All products are colour-coded for easy recognition.

Retail Pricing:

  • Clearing Skin Wash 100ml £9.99.
  • Clearing Skin Scrub 75ml £8.99.
  • Clearing skin lotion 150ml £12.99.
  • Clearing Breakout Express Spot Gel 15ml £6.99.
  • Anti-shine Skin Balm 75ml £11.99.
  • Restoring Skin Mask 75ml £9.99.
  • Daytime Skin Defence 75ml £11.99.
  • Overnight Skin Support 75ml £11.99.

Available online at Teen Skin Actives or Luxola.