By The Beauty Hub  |  October 6th, 2014  |  Brands,News

Eau Sucrée is a delicious new interpretation of Angel, an olfactory candy, born of a whirlwind of tangy freshness and angelic delights.

Its ingredients provoke contrasting effects with a profusion of taste sensations that echo each other: hot and cold, sweet and tangy, crisp and melt-in-the-mouth, fresh and sensual.

Because applying perfume can arouse the appetite, Eau Sucrée takes us on an initiatory journey into the world of indulgence and gourmand pleasure, based on three delicious accords:

The tangy delight of a red berry sorbet.
The sparkling, luscious taste of a delicious sorbet with juicy, sun-ripened red berries, tantalizes the senses. A refreshing and sweet frosted dream to enjoy without moderation.

The sweet delight of a caramelized meringue.
Angel’s newest indulgence: a light-as-air, crisp and delectable treat. An invitation to give in to the scrumptious temptation of this caramelized meringue accord.

The voluptuous delight of patchouli and vanilla.
The perfumed embodiment of sensual pleasure. The evocation of extreme, glamorous, enchanting and seductive femininity, “the essence of woman” according to Thierry Mugler. This sensual oriental accord characterizes Angel’s trail, pairing the woody majesty of patchouli with the rounded softness of vanilla.

In its candy-striped pack, inspired by the codes of traditional deluxe confectionery, the iconic star, illuminated with pearly glints, revisits the best of childhood: sprinkled with sugar, it seems to transform into an irresistible candy treat.

Angel Eau Sucrée by Thierry Mugler is available at most retail outlets in the UAE.