By The Beauty Hub  |  October 28th, 2014  |  Company News,News

Conquering the enemies of the eyes, including dark circles and fine lines, requires acting on all fronts simultaneously, a task that seems unachievable but is a universal aspiration! Vichy has unveiled a new beauty secret to keep your eyes from ever looking tired again – Idéalia Eyes.

Vichy has identified 3 dimensions of ideal eyes: the colour, texture and radiance of the skin around the eyes.

  1. Colour – dark circles cause uneven skin tone with blue, red, and brown tones.
  2. Texture – expression lines and dehydration lines negatively affect the skin, taking away the youthful, lively look of the eyes.
  3. Radiance – shadow areas, such as those created by puffiness, make the eyes look tired and less radiant.

The innovation behind Idéalia Eyes, which has received 11 patents already, lies in the formula, which includes: DRM-Bright Complex + Vitamin B3 + caffeine + soft-focus blurring agents + universal illuminators.

On the surface, soft-focus blurring agents soften the appearance of the skin, while the universal illuminators provide continuous diffusion to illuminate shaded areas. In depth, the DRM-Bright Complex with its anti-pigmentation action acts on vascular and pigmentary dyschromia reducing the dark circles, while the Vitamin CG, which is part of the Complex, has additional anti-ageing action that will smooth the wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin B3 provides anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm the redness around the eyes. Finally, the caffeine has draining and de-congesting action that will reduce puffiness, hence reduce the shadows in the eye contour. These biologically active ingredients fight the signs of tired eyes and offer immediate optical correction as a bonus, making Idéalia Eyes an ultra-efficient gesture at the edge between skin care and make-up.

Another highlight of Vichy Idéalia Eyes is the revolutionary applicator, which is a miniature tip made of ultra-soft, flexible silicone. It is designed to be as gentle on the skin as the touch of a finger, with a smoothing effect on top. The material is clean and hygienic, and it respects the special needs of the very delicate eye contour area. Furthermore, it gives the precise dosage that preserves the formula up to the last moment: just one drop is enough! A single step is sufficient to transform the colour, texture and radiance of the eye contour as Idéalia Eyes corrects dark circles, smooths fine lines and skin texture and illuminates shadows.