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Diptyque’s latest release La Collection 34 is a celebration of the company’s founding roots. To mark the launch here in the UAE, we caught up with diptyque’s COO Sophie Lambert at the JW Marriot Hotel to find out more.

What was the inspiration behind the new collection?

In recognition of their humble beginnings where diptyque started its life, on 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, it’s founders would travel and collect eclectic items that would fill their boutique. La Collection 34 is in honour of the address of their first boutique.

What does this collection consist of?

The 34 Home Collection composes a fragrance around a place rather than an ingredient. The scented candles include Le Redouté Candles – reminiscent of the potpourri sachets once found in the boutique this spicy woody floral fragrance is truly enticing.

Les Lilas Candles – draws inspiration from the English garden of the founders. A floral fragrance with green accents. Elegant and refreshing.

Curiosités Candles – lose your eyes and let yourself be carried away to the workshop of Desmond Knox-Leet. Bright spicy accords enveloped by warm and woody notes. Eclectic and enticing.

The limited edition fragrance Essences Ensensee’s was inspired by the mille fleurs. We collaborated with perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin to revisit the tradition at the Firmenich site in Grasse.

Mimosa flowers were of exceptional quality and particularly abundant on the hills around Grasse in 2013. So naturally, Fabrice chose the mimosa flower as the signature note in revisiting thousand flowers, creating the first in a series in which each fragrance is unique and ephemeral.

Our 34 Bazar Collection is comprised of decorative candle holders which once again take inspiration from the company’s roots.

The Feuillage was made to create an interplay between light and material, openwork was used to intricately ornament the cylinder with an abstract, almost random pattern of leaves.

The Paysage candle holder combines two contrasting colours of Portuguese porcelain, black and white. The contrast of the two materials creates abstract landscapes where each viewer sees something different: mountain, river, forest.

The Plumage candle holder is embossed with a peacock feather-inspired pattern. A pattern reminiscent of fabric and that almost invites you to close your eyes and explore it with your fingers.

Tell us more about the unique bottle used for Essences Ensensee’s?

Diptyque patiently embarked on a treasure hunt that led to the archives of a master glass-maker, one of the last in France to work traditionally by hand, the century-old company Waltersperger. Sifting through hundreds of shapes, the perfect bottle was finally found. Elegant, timeless and engraved with a pattern of leaves and flowers unquestionably reminiscent of mimosas! For added elegance, the bottle is set with a black bulb pump.

Diptyque is well known for their creative flair; tell us about the symbols used in the creation of the fragrance diffusers?

For this unusual project, diptyque sought out two key people: a designer and a materials man. The designer was Jean-Marc Gady. The materials man was Claude Tribouillard, a specialist in palaeontology.

They had two powerful symbols in mind: an oval with the diptyque theme, and a bird, a reference to the decoy birds used in hunting, that Desmond Knox-Leet and Christiane Gautrot loved to paint with decorative designs and sell in their shop.

To turn these symbolic forms into cold water fragrance diffusers, the traditional reeds were replaced by plaster versions carefully designed to combine aesthetics with optimal diffusion. The fineness of the forms made developing the manufacturing process particularly difficult, which was all handmade, limiting production to a few copies of each form.

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