By The Beauty Hub  |  October 30th, 2014  |  Company News,News

A breakthrough innovation, the latest-generation Longevity Concentrate is the first from Guerlain to combat bio-energetic ageing on two complementary levels.

For the first time, a seleno-activator chosen by Guerlain Research helps, through its targeted antioxidant action, to prevent the impairment of the bio-energetic network by free radical attack and to repair oxidative damage;

Simultaneously, Gold Orchid Technology restores the mitochondrial network by distilling energy to the heart of the skin cells in the right amount and at the right place. An exceptional ”energy charger“, this high-powered concentrate thus infuses the skin with a current of incredible energy to boost its regeneration functions in record time to visibly combat signs of tiredness, stress and the effects of ageing.

Enriched in a new plant active ingredient, Pistacia lentiscus mastic – a tree gum with medicinal properties, the serum minimises surface pores to give firm, dense and even skin. To make each application of The Longevity Concentrate perfectly gentle and effective, its extremely melt-away texture borrows the finesse and velvety softness of the orchid’s petals and offers them to the skin.

Playing on subtle sensory variations, it melts deeply into the skin in a new balance of pleasure, gentleness, radiance and comfort. The pleasure of a rich yet evanescent sensation, the caressing softness of gums and hygroscopic substances, the satiny glow of rosy pearlisers for a naturally luminous effect, the comfort of a natural oil with a silky soft feel without the slightest hint of greasiness.


All combine to offer the exquisite sensation of a precious rejuvenating beauty ritual. Intense Replenishing Longevity Concentrate is used daily, morning and evening.

  • Apply with gentle regular circular movements starting in the middle of the face outwards: on forehead, cheeks and chin.
  • To stimulate and tone the skin and open the anti-fatigue energy channels, apply both firm and light pressure with the ball of the index finger: begin at the lower part of the face and gradually move up towards the forehead.

For exceptional complementary action, then apply the Orchidée Impériale Cream, a light and silky cream that acts on the signs of skin ageing, which comes in a Fluid for a light texture and a Rich Cream to bring comfort to dry skin.

The new Intense Replenishing Longevity Concentrate is kept in the secrecy of their golden-ridged blue chamber, preserved against any intrusion of air thanks to the airless system, the active molecules in the Gold Orchid Technology and the seleno-activator remain untouched until the very moment they deliver all their power to the skin.

For heightened precision, the body of the bottle is incised with a transparent window indicating the remaining amount of the precious content, preventing any risk of the treatment being interrupted.