By The Beauty Hub  |  November 13th, 2014  |  Brands,News

Max Factor has introduced its new, revolutionary precision-targeted Colour Corrector Sticks, a powerful collection specially-created to neutralize everyday imperfections.

The Colour Corrector Sticks neutralize everyday imperfections while women can blend away the appearance of redness; dullness; under-eye circles and dark spots (with separate ‘sticks’ to suit different skin tones), plus there is a colour corrector to enhance, bringing light and luminosity to the face. Used together, these expert colour correctors work hand-in-hand with Max Factor’s CC Cream to create a professional finish, flawless skin look.

Make-up artists are the expert in focusing on hiding small imperfections, as they know the eye is drawn to a flaw. This was also found to be a consumer truth, as Max Factor research found that women worry that flaws are the first things that get noticed, which detracts from their overall look.

Max Factor is rallying a motion of “My face, not my flaws” with the launch of these six innovative, colour correcting make-up tools, which answer many women’s beauty woes.

“I describe Max Factor Colour Correctors as neutralising pens,” said Samira Olfat, Max Factor Regional Make-up Artist. The texture of the sticks is soft and creamy, so they blend really well. Neutralisers are great for unwanted flushed cheeks, sallow skin, under eye discolouration and for generally brightening the complexion overall. In my kit I always have the Green, Lilac, Peach and Pink.”

“Apply the Colour Corrector sticks straight from the pen before your foundation and concealer, and work minimal touches of the creamy formula into the skin using the fingertips to ensure your skin tone stays true to you without going too pale,” explained Samira.

The success of the Colour Corrector Sticks is thanks to the Max Factor colour harmony principles, which sees opposite colours work together to neutralise – rather than colour matching – and in the precision tip for easy and controlled application. Together these bring make-up artistry to the fingertips.

Pioneered by Mr. Max Factor in 1918, the Colour Theory Principles are illustrated by the Six Colour Personalities of the New Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks. Each Colour Corrector draws on the power of colour science – neutralisers are complimentary opposites on the colour wheel; shades neutralise when combined and the balancers and illuminators even out dark sparks and illuminate.

The six Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks include:

The Reducer (Green) – neutralizes redness
The perfect colour corrector for people with a lot of general redness in their skin.

The Revitaliser (Purple)
Counteracts sallow and yellow areas, banishing dullness. The perfect colour corrector for people who have a bit too much yellow in their skin.

The Brightener (Yellow)
Neutralizes purple tones such as under-eye circles. Counteracts lilac or purple-to-blue undertones.

The Balancer (Pink)
Evens out dark spots in lighter skin tones. Counteracts blue tones and brightens.

The Balancer (Peach)
Evens out dark spots in medium skin tones. Counteracts blue tones and brightens.

The Illuminator (Highlighter)
Softly reflects light and illuminates the face.

The new Max Factor Colour Corrector Sticks are now available across the region.

Price:  AED49.