By The Beauty Hub  |  November 18th, 2014  |  Brands,Editors Pick,News

A ballet has just come to a close. The subtle shimmer of a black bow, whitened by the snow, catches the eyes. Wrapped around the chignon of a ballerina, whose radiance it beautifully enhances, it has flown away gracefully with a leap and slipped in through the gates of the opera house before coming to rest on the opera steps. According to legend, it offers the secret of grace and eternal seduction to whomever owns it.

For the first time since its creation, Guerlain has reproduced Coque d’Or’s original bottle and reinterpreted it in gold-lacquered glass. It is adorned for the occasion with a vibrant red bulb, evoking the opera’s velvet curtains and other luxurious fabrics.

With a mere press of the bulb, the twirling, airy powder enfolds the hair, forearms, neck and décolleté in a delicate sparkling veil. This golden-toned halo is subtly scented with Coque d’Or’s legendary chypre notes, recomposed in an exclusive variation. This blend of rose, bergamot and patchouli notes will leave any skin tone velvety soft, illuminated, beautifully enhanced and utterly desirable.


Petrouchka Palette – Eyes & Blush Palette

The golden case is adorned with a precious red fabric bow. This elastic accessory can easily be transformed into a delightful bracelet or a flamboyant hair tie.

The essentials are combined to warm up eyes and cheekbones to perfection. On the top layer, five finely iridescent eyeshadow shades, from champagne to copper brown. Beneath, four matte or pearlescent blushes. Fresh pink and coral revive the cheekbones, while rosewood and brown sculpt them to perfection.


Meteorites Perles D’Étoiles – Light-Revealing Pearls of Powder

Crafted entirely in golden metal, it features the famous bow inspired by Coque d’Or sculpted on the lid. Its soft and generous red powder puff echoes the ribbon’s lining.

This blend of six light and radiant tones has been specially designed to enhance the complexion after nightfall under the lights of evening. From matte beige to the most iridescent shades, Guerlain brings a sense of enchantment to colour, offering a particularly radiant and luminous selection for beautifully glowing skin.

Ready to go out, the exceptional lip colour is adorned in red lacquer, set off with a golden charm and mechanism. As precious as a jewel, the aptly named 820 Rouge Parade delivers a luminous red bullet. The lips are instantly heightened with the pure, characteristically French red of gala evenings. It is the shade worn by Natalia Vodianova in the campaign visual, attracting every eye from her balcony.


A Magnetic Gaze – Colour Fusion Eyeshadows, Vibrant Effects

The eyeshadows blend seamlessly with the skin for an iridescent make-up result. Each duo embodies an eloquent interpretation. The 10 Cygne Noir harmony pairs shimmering silver black, like caviar, alongside plum with copper glints for an intense, sophisticated finish that creates a hypnotising evening look. The 11 Cygne Blanc harmony combines silvery ballerina pink and frosted white for a fresh, pure and dazzling effect, even at the height of day…

A Stunning Gold on the Nails – Intense Colour & Shine Bare Lip Sensation Colour Lacquer

Nail lacquer available in two limited-edition shades. The 400 Coque d’Or shade, a metallic shimmering gold to illuminate your nails with a precious sheen. The 901 L’Oiseau de Feu shade, a sumptuous top coat, applied over coloured nail lacquer to create a decorative “gold leaf” effect.

It also offers a new, fine jewellery-inspired variation on the French manicure, applied as a fine sparkling tip.


Captivating Shine on the Lips – Intense Colour & Shine Bare Lip Sensation

This gloss, offering a lustrous effect and a rarely equalled bare lip sensation, is expressed in two collectors’ shades. 920 Rouge Parade, a deep black cherry for an enchanting smile. And 901 L’Oiseau de Feu, a sheer top coat for the lips, heightened with golden pearl particles, used on its own or over your favourite lipstick to create an ultra-sparkling shine.