By The Beauty Hub  |  November 11th, 2014  |  Company News,News

The new BB Cream Compact by UNE delivers multiple benefits in an optimized version of the original that has already achieved cult status! With 8 hours of moisturisation, the BB Cream helps reinforce the inter-cellular cement to slow water evaporation in the upper layers of the skin.

Beneficial Shea butter & Jojoba oil produce a sovereign butter and oil for the skin. Teamed in BB Cream Max, they foster moisturisation, nourish and balance the skin with an extremely pleasant supple, stretch formula. Infused with beeswax and organic Carnauba, these rich and generous waxes are used together because they have different melting points, which increases their affinity with the skin.

A mineral sunscreen in a makeup product is a means of maintaining a fresh complexion and youthful skin to fight against the appearance of age spots! With Titanium, this protective sunscreen of natural origin that remains at the surface, offers the skin mechanical and natural protection by reflecting the solar spectrum (and not by absorbing UV’s like chemical filters).

In BB Cream Max, it is perfectly micronised to form an invisible protective veil with no mask effect. BB Cream Max wipes away anything that might ruin the impression of a naturally bright complexion with no opacifying talc. Through a balanced combination of special colour pigments that even out tone while respecting skin transparency.

The BB Cream Max Compact Price – AED121.

The new beauty must have anti-fatigue Stick Concealer is soft, fresh and erases signs of fatigue with precision and finesse.

UNE Anti Fatigue Stick 02 open - AED81

Like a magic wand for those days when, whether we’re wearing makeup or not, with the ideal dose of pigments, it conceals the most common under-eye circle colours. Apply tapping gently over the entire under-eye circle, or to the inner corner of the eye for a touch of light.

The skin of the eyelids is four times thinner than the rest of the face. It needs to be nourished to prevent wrinkles. Anti-fatigue Stick Concealer by UNE contains beeswax and sunflower wax that smooth the skin and prevent uncomfortable tightness.

Neither too yellow, nor too pink, the pigments used to mask signs of fatigue don’t merely “grey out” under-eye circles so they still show through. They provide enough coverage to erase them completely!

In the Anti-fatigue Stick Concealer formula, it infuses and diffuses a soft and immediate feeling of freshness. The eyes instantly appear more relaxed. It owes its moisturising properties to Jojoba oil and organic Shea butter: two natural vegetable butters that preserve, maintain and improve the natural moisturisation of the skin.

Anti-fatigue Stick Concealer by UNE Price – AED81.