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Anti-bacterial soap Safeguard aims to empower mothers across the region by providing them with a simple, yet effective and lasting, defence against disease-causing pathogens.

Mothers across the Arab World can rest assured knowing that their children and families will now be armed with the right tool to combat day-to-day germs and preventable childhood illnesses such as respiratory infections and diarrhea as Safeguard removes up to 99% of germs in a single wash.

When it comes to germ protection, Safeguard is the number one choice of both mothers and doctors across the globe. It is also the only anti-bacterial soap endorsed by the Saudi Pediatric Association and is available in several product forms comprising bar soaps, liquid hand soaps, liquid foaming hand soaps and shower gels.

“With Safeguard’s formulation, a proven hygiene solution is now made available to all GCC mothers,” explained Dr. Abdulhakeem Althaqafi “In today’s fast-moving modern world, children come in contact with an increasing variety of germs. They transfer these germs from surfaces by sticking their fingers in their mouths and touching their eyes, exposing themselves to disease-causing pathogens. The Saudi Pediatric Association endorses Safeguard because it provides unbeatable germ protection for the entire family.”

In 2014, P&G conducted extensive research across GCC countries – including the UAE, KSA and Kuwait – to better understand hygiene habits in the Arab world. The survey revealed that 95% of mothers would like to provide their family with expert protection against germs, which is why they always insist that their children wash their hands with antibacterial soap. In addition, the results demonstrated that 70% of mothers wash their hands before feeding their children. Similarly, 61% of mothers wash their hands when they get home and 85% of mothers wash their hands after using the toilet.

“The study showed that while mothers in this part of the world are fully aware of the importance of good hand hygiene, nearly one third of the women surveyed do not always wash their hands with antibacterial soap after important daily tasks,” added Dr. Abdulhakeem Althaqafi. “In parallel, over 40% of the mothers interviewed admit that their children do not always wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap after important daily activities. This further cements the strong need for GCC mothers to serve as role models for their children and lead by example when it comes to practising good personal hygiene and hand washing habits. Children, after all, emulate their parents’ behaviour.”

Abou Heif echoed that statement, saying: “As a mother, I am constantly on alert and find myself continuously updating my hygiene knowledge to ensure that I am using the right products – and keeping pace with evolving germs and bacteria. Safeguard is the only product that I trust to help keep disease-causing germs at bay and my family safe and sound. The truth is, as my kids get older and enter their teenage years, I can’t always keep tabs on how well they are washing their hands or know if they’re taking short cuts. Luckily, Safeguard provides kids of all ages – as well as the entire family – with maximized protection against germs. As the anchor of my family, I know that my daily choices can impact, drive and encourage my children’s hygiene habits. It is on me to guide them on our shared journey to optimal health.”

Safeguard is available in all major supermarkets across the GCC.

Price: AED15.

To find out more about Safeguard, please visit Safeguard Soap.