By The Beauty Hub  |  January 20th, 2015  |  Brands,News

This Valentine’s Day why not kick it up a notch and experiment with some contouring for that special Valentine’s Day date!

Contouring is a makeup secret essential to any beauty lover, creating the illusion of those strong cheekbones, a thinner nose or maybe even a slightly slimmer face all together, this makeup technique is sure to change your makeup routine and have you date ready for Valentine’s Day.

So how does it work? Let’s start off with using Wow by Wojooh Contour Revolution Sculpting Palette. The palette has 3 shades – a light, medium and dark cream. Use the light shade for highlighting, the dark for contouring and creating shadows and the medium to blend.

  • To start off the look, apply an even layer of our Master Prime – Flawless Mattifying Primer all over your face using our Foundation Brush – 08.
  • Apply Picture Perfect – Liquid Foundation to the face using an upwards and outwards motion, for best results use the Flawless Finish Brush – 11 for a natural and light coverage.
  • In a tapping motion apply the lightest of the three shades in the Contour Revolution – Sculpting Palette under your eyes and at the centre of your forehead using the Concealer Brush – 07.
  • Blend the two together using the Master Blender – All In One Complexion Unifier.
  • In a tapping motion use the Foundation Brush – 08 to apply the darkest shade of Contour Revolution under your cheekbones. If needed, mix the two dark shades to get the desired shade that best suits your skin tone.
  • Blend the darker shade upwards and outwards into the foundation using the Flawless Finish Brush – 11.
  • To make sure it stays on all day or night, set your face with the Picture Perfect Compact Foundation!

Now that you are sculpted and ready, time to accentuate the look. Whether you’re a classic in red or a sultry smokey, Wow by Wojooh has all the tools you need for that special Valentine’s Day date!

Valentine's Look 2 by Wojooh