By The Beauty Hub  |  January 19th, 2015  |  Brands,News

It’s no secret if you want strong, healthy, perfect nails you need Sally Hansen Miracle Cure. Featuring an advanced breakthrough formula of natural protein complex and anti-oxidants, Miracle Cure addresses the problems of both soft, peeling nails and hard, brittle nails.

With just one coat, the nail plate becomes sealed and the nail layers bond together, instantly stopping any peeling. Miracle Cure also features exclusive “moisture magnets” that hold 100x their weight in moisture. This keeps hydration in balance reducing the chances of soft, dry and brittle nails. With just 3 days of application, weak, lifeless nails will be 50% stronger. So Whether used alone or as a base coat, Sally Hansen Miracle Cure is the perfect is the perfect solution for strengthening nails.

Affectionately known as a miracle in a bottle, Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener is the latest weapon in the fight against weak and brittle nails. Made with a calcium and ceramic gel formula, Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener surrounds nails with a defensive shield that not only strengthens and fortifies, but also helps protect against bending and breaking, ensuring thicker, smoother nails that grow visibly stronger.

This wonder treatment and the many others from Sally Hansen is part of a legacy that embraces the advances in research and development in beauty. Sally Hansen has always strived to have its finger on the pulse of what’s new and fresh, something that can be seen in its latest innovation.

In a commitment to expanding its expertise and salon-inspired products across the world, Sally Hansen introduces Nailgrowth® Miracle Serum. This revolutionary new treatment is part of the Nailgrowth® Miracle Collection, Sally Hansen’s answer to the growing demand from women around the world for more effective beauty treatments.

Formulated with Advanced Peptides and Biotin Technology, this active complex enhances natural nail growth for nails that are 59% longer in just two weeks. The innovative serum also instantly softens and smoothes cuticles, while helping nails resist dryness and damage as they grow longer. The result? Measurably longer nails and flawless looking cuticles.


Miracle Cure – AED35.
Miracle Thickner – AED35.
Nail Growth Miracle Serum – AED55.

Available at Boots, Lifestyle, MAX and Carrefour in the UAE.