By The Beauty Hub  |  February 24th, 2015  |  Brands,News

For bold-looking lashes, Maybelline New York’s new Colossal Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara notches up the drama to another level.

Breakthrough technology is evident in both the formula and the brush. Its formula is rich in black leather pigments for a deep, matte & dark look. Lashes are drenched in 100% of the boldest black matte pigment with 100% opacity for a look that adds richness, definition and sophistication to eyes.

This Mascara has a double curved stem and the biggest brush. The curves on the wand load a double shot of Mascara on to the bristles for 16 times more volume, all without a single clump! The patented brush has extra-large bristles in a helix shape to add extreme volume to each lash while lifting and fanning them out. The result is pumped up, voluminous lashes with an intense, bold look.

Maybelline New York’s Go Extreme Leather Black Mascara is just the season’s perfect make-up accessory for the winter leather trend.

Useful Tips

  • To make your eyelashes look even thicker a trick is to apply a coat of black eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eyes.
  • Avoid taking the wand in and out of the tube many times as this seeps air inside and tends to dry up the formula.
  • For easy mascara application, tilt the wand from its head.
  • To avoid mascara transferring from your lashes onto your eyelids or cheeks, use a piece of paper or folded napkin and hold over the area while applying your mascara